Dear friends and colleagues:

I write this letter as a request for urgent assistance.

The Center “Santa Angela de la Cruz for Youth and Adults with Deafblindness,” our greatest achievement, is in danger. This is the first and only center in Spain that offers residential services for deafblind people. The reason of our crisis is that the authorities have postponed for months the payment of contracts for our services, because of the economic crash in our country. Without these payments, we cannot subsist. The current debt amounts to over 200,000,00 €.

For the first time since we opened the center, we could not pay any salary. We have just enough to pay the current month’s imperative: light, food, taxes, etc. Our young deafblind people are the most vulnerable in this economic crisis. We are confident that our authorities will continue to pay, but probably with more delay than they had before.

But we need to get to that point (the settlement day). Without help, the next month, all might be over for us. If the Center closes, in my opinion, it would have no sense to continue fighting for deafblind people rights in Spain. All the services needed for deafblind people will require a lot of effort, and it will never be a profitable business. These services will always need the support of government, donations, and campaigns. If we leave our project to die, It makes no sense to continue. But I’m not ready to give up, so I turn to you.

As people sensitized to the cause of solidarity, I ask you for economic collaboration. I know that many of you have already helped to many causes. But it’s time to make another effort. You can help right now by giving us a donation, following this link

You can also help spreading this note among friends and social network.

Thanks for your help

Dolores Romero

President of APASCIDE, the Spanish Association of Parents of Deafblind People